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Illinois is situated in the heart of the American Midwest on the shores of Lake Michigan and west of the great Mississippi River.  It is a major world center for production, trade, and transport.  Taking 56,400 square miles, Illinois is the approximate size of England and Wales combined, or the size of Germany’s Bavaria alone.  The state has a population of 12 million with over 200,000 Asians.  Illinois offers something for everyone, from blues to baseball, Sears to McCormick, art to architecture, In addition to its world-class museums, such as John G. Aquarium, the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum, etc, Illinois is also a major player in business.
Illinois is one of the top five exporting states in the US and exported more than US$ 58 billion to world markets in 2010, in which about US$ 2.6 billion is being exported to China mainland. Therefore, China mainland has been ranked 3rd trading partners of Illinois.
Illinois represents the largest industrial market in the U.S. and the third largest consumer market.  75% of Fortune 500 companies have opened regional distribution centers in Illinois.  Illinois is a good place for international companies because of its unique location, convenient transportation as well as the hard work sprit of people.
Located at the industrial heart of the nation, Illinois companies are able to ship and receive goods or resources without high transport fees or costly delays.  Half of all the goods and services created in the U.S. are produced within 500 miles of the state line.  Illinois is a convenient and cost effective location for growing companies.

Illinois has an impressive workforce with the skills needed to help business succeed.  Nearly ½ of the state’s workforce of over 6 million are professionals, skilled technicians, craftspeople or machine operators.

International Trade and Investment

Major exports from Illinois to China include: Industrial machinery, Computer and electronic equipment, Waste and scrap, Electrical equipment, appliance, and component, Chemicals, Fabricated metal products, transportation equipment, Primary metal manufacturing, Miscellaneous manufactured commodities, Plastics and rubber products, Food products, etc.