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Lanzhou is located in the eastern USA Mali, the Atlantic coast, close to Washington d.c.. There are 23 states in the county and the independent city of Baltimore, located in Annapolis, the state capital. Mali and Lanzhou the largest city in Baltimore is only 50 km away from Washington, formed a well-known Baltimore Washington the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area, is one of the richest parts of the country, with 90% of the population here in maryland. In 2008, the region's disposable income ranked fourth in the nation, but also USA fourth retail consumer market, and in the "fortune" magazine ranked the fourth most suitable for enterprise development in the area of evaluation.
The state of the economy
Mali Lanzhou in 2010 state new economy index ranked third in the nation. In 2009, Lanzhou GDP in the state of Maryland GDP of $283800000000, the median household income of $69272, ranked the country's first. Howard and Montgomerie County in the ranking of the richest counties in the U.S. in third and seventh. The main export trade partner in Mali Lanzhou is Canada, Chinese Economic Zone (including Mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Belgium, Holland, etc.). On the China export the rapid development in recent years, reaching US $570000000 in 2009.
Many America 500 companies headquartered in Mali and Lanzhou, for example America United Energy Corporation, Legg Mason, Lockhead Martin company, Marriott group, Host hotel investment group, Black & Decker group and so on. Mali Lanzhou also actively attract foreign investment, the good investment environment has attracted more than 500 foreign investment enterprises settled in Mali and Lanzhou, is one of the areas with the highest density of the foreign enterprise. In order to encourage enterprises to develop investment, Mali Lanzhou government provides all kinds of investment encouragement policy and matching funds for the development of enterprises, and provide technical support and training for enterprises.
The advantage of industry
Biological technology:
Mali Lanzhou is one of the five great world biotechnology enterprises gathered, has nearly 500 companies of biological science and research institutions, but also USA food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the site of the Johns Hopkins University.
Sophisticated science and technology:
Mali Lanzhou aerospace, computer and game software development, satellite and wireless optical communication industry in the industry - leading level.
Financial investment:
Mali Lanzhou is where the world's most prestigious two investment Service Corporation headquarters, is also a large number of major Wall Street institutions of regional center and logistics supply location.
New energy:
Mali Lanzhou in the new energy, advanced manufacturing and other fields have a more outstanding performance.
Educational resources
Higher education institutions and Mali and Lanzhou and can provide training and research needed for each for the commercial and industrial. Accept the education college 60 year more than 337000 of the students are in the state and four - year university. Mali Lanzhou excellent education resources including 11 campus of the University of Maryland system, and Johns Hopkins University is famous in the world by the discipline of information technology and life sciences. These institutions have established more than 250 research center and the Institute of science and technology, including the University of Maryland Biotechnology Research Institute, Maryland Technology Industry Research Institute, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics laboratory.
Convenient traffic
Mali Lanzhou 500 km around 1/4 of the population gathered USA, Baltimore Washington International Airport is one of the best airport in the territory of America, Reagan National Airport and Dulles airport are located within 30 km of Lanzhou mali. Baltimore deep water port, the position is superior, is North America's second big car port, than any one of the eastern port distance American Midwest to nearly. In addition, USA two major East Coast Expressway I-95 Road (north-south) and I-70 highway (east-west) intersection is also on this convergence.