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Missouri (State of Missouri) is located in the central area USA geographic location and populated areas. Missouri, a total area of 180000 square kilometers, a population of nearly 6000000. Most of the population distribution in two main city, the city of Saint Louis (St. Louis) and Kansas (Kansas City), is the capital city of Jefferson (Jefferson City). Missouri belongs to the diverse terrain, a rocky forest, undulating hills and fertile boundless plain.
Missouri's geographical location can meet all the transportation needs, it is located in the center of USA geographical location, provides many competitive advantages for the state enterprises. Missouri has the nation's sixth largest highway system, and plenty of commercial trucks carrying convenience, cheap transport. We also owns the two largest railway hub, are located in the Kansas City and Saint Louis city. Air transportation, Missouri has Saint Louis Lin Bai International Airport (Lambert International Airport) and Kansas City International Airport. In addition, with 15 ports in two major rivers in Mississippi and Missouri river.
Missouri state education system provide training makes the Missouri state labor productivity has been higher than the national average level. The education level of Missouri state labor is higher than the national level, 88% of the population received more than high school education, and the ratio was 85.2%. Higher education institutions in Missouri state have 140 qualified to provide education and training for the people; 70% of the people of the state of Missouri in the local employment, to ensure that the Missouri state stable labor resources and competitive salary level.
Missouri the main advantage industry biological technology, transport and logistics, information engineering, financial services, defense and homeland security, agriculture, automotive and energy. Missouri is home to 9 Fortune 500 companies such as Emerson, but also electrical (Emerson Electric), Sprint Telecom, MasterCard credit card (MasterCard) and (Monsanto) where Monsanto and other transnational giants headquarters. Missouri 82% export enterprises are small and medium enterprises. The state of Missouri to support a variety of industries, the provision of agricultural employment as the nation's ten. In the study, and the production of bio diesel and ethanol to encourage development, Missouri is also a leading position. 4% of the labor force engaged in high-tech industries, including manufacturing, which is most prominent in life science.
Missouri is a major agricultural states American, cattle, poultry and pigs are the main livestock industry. Missouri state grain and oilseeds, such as corn and soybean production in the leading position. In addition, rice and cotton in Missouri state is also internationally known. Agriculture from the field of manufacturing of food and fiber for high economic value to the producer in Missouri prefecture. In recent years Missouri property, close cooperation, science officer, has matured from corn ethanol, extract from soybean refine soybean diesel, and a large number of exports of its derivative products. Show Missouri agriculture both raw materials mainly of traditional agricultural products industry and every kind of food additive, beverage and consumer food, in order to meet the needs of all mankind broader.
A strong, stable and diversified economy is one of the important reasons for enterprise to get success in the state of Missouri. Department of Commerce, Missouri advantage has attracted about 280 multinational companies settled in Missouri prefecture. We welcome Chinese enterprise and Missouri state institutions contact, in order to further understand the "Missouri advantage" and its various services for foreign direct investment provided by. Missouri trade and investment office staffs will Jefferson and city of Missouri, the Department together, to provide customized service for you, to meet your needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.