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The government of South Carolina USA China Representative Office

In the state of:
South Carolina is located in the southeast of American off the coast of the Atlantic, the transportation is very convenient, is connected USA north and south of the important transport hub. The population of 4600000 in the state, the famous city: Greenville, Charleston, Columbia, is the political and economic center of the South carolina. Central South advantage industry in the automobile manufacturing industry, aviation industry, biotechnology industry, logistics distribution, machinery manufacturing, plastic, chemical, textile, paper and forestry. Nine China Company including Haier group, Yuncheng plate making, Guansheng, Far East, Dalian has set up a factory in South investment, creating 2079 jobs. At present, South Carolina has become a place of China manufacturing investment in the most American.
A well-known enterprises in the state:
Many global companies stationed in South Carolina, South Carolina, to become the best proof of successful operation of international. These companies include: BMW (BMW), Google (Google), Haier (Haier), Starbucks (Starbucks), Adidas (Adidas), Folena (Freightliner), Daimler (Dialmer AG), Honda (Honda), Boeing (Boeing), Fuji (FUJIFILM), Bosch (Robert Bosch), Michelin (Michelin) and DuPont (DuPont).
Overseas investment performance:
Overseas investment amounting to $32700000000
A total of 133694 jobs being created
From more than 40 countries more than 630 enterprises have settled in South Carolina
The support of the government:
Compared with other Southeast, South Carolina was a commercial operation cost more reasonable, with superior business development environment and encourage measures, each enterprise in the state can maintain a relatively low operating costs.
South Carolina tax preferential measures:
No state property tax
No local income tax
Property tax
Sales tax exemption (including mechanical equipment manufacturing, industrial fuel or indispensable in the cost of materials)
No wholesale tax
No comprehensive international profit tax
Preferential enterprise income tax system
The employment environment:
South Carolina has a looser employment environment, the union rate and strike rate is among the lowest in. South Carolina, according to the requirements of investors, provide free labor training programs through all the colleges in the state, the labor training programs have been for the production field of conveying the excellent labor tens of thousands, and was shortlisted for the "EXPANSION MANAGEMENT" magazine ranked fourth.