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Port Virginia
Virginia port authority American in American east coast, is Virginia's government America responsible for transportation, logistics, warehousing and trade bonded area departments. It is the dominant sector in the state of international transport and maritime trade, shipping industry trade through operation and operation of marine terminals.
Port Virginia has four ports and an inland port: port, APMT port of Norfolk, Perth, Newport Harbor PLYMOUTH HARBOR neoperl and Virginia inland port. Virginia International Terminal Company is unlisted, non-profit Virginia Port Authority's wholly owned subsidiary, responsible for the operation and the operation of port facilities.
Virginia has a strategic geographical location and incomparable in central the Atlantic's transport infrastructure. It provides for more than 75 international shipping company service, make the shipping company and the shipper of the goods quickly transported to the Quan Meisan two quarters of population, it is a gateway to one of the other ports in the world the most frequent flights to port.
Virginia has America off the east coast of the best natural deepwater port, 50 feet deep, barrier free channel the largest container ship can free access. Port Virginia is a full year of operation, ice free port. Over the years, port Virginia has maintained a good reputation of high efficiency, combined transport is not crowded. Authority statistics show, in the America, Eph Zegna Hong Kong with a higher efficiency than the other ports and faster transport container multimodal transportation more city more. As the East Coast's largest USA multimodal transport base, there are 6 direct rail service lines leading to the 28 main city Virginia every day, more than 50 of the transport companies to provide all-weather cargo transport services. Modern state and local highway network to ensure the goods with quick, direct way to the inland transport anywhere in the USA.