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Rhode Island has a long tradition in manufacturing and international trade. As early as eighteenth Century Rhode Island is American maritime trade center. Now, the Rhode Island company products are exported to all corners of the world.
Xingang beautiful sailing in spectacular Narragansett Bay Cruise scenery, reminding the Rhode Island rich maritime tradition. Rhode Island has also been recognized as the birthplace of the industrial revolution America. People can still visit the historic production base, so the Wright factory, witness the Rhode Island history in manufacturing and trading of.
Between the state of Rhode Island and China trade in the year 1787 began, General Washington is the first from Rhode Island to sail to the Chinese trade ships. She took the anchor, iron, copper, white wine and ginseng, and 2 years after the return, bringing precious tea, silk and other textile products and goods. Rhode Island to inherit and carry forward the successful experience and the traditional trade! Today, China importers of key products in Rhode Island procurement areas including the primary metal manufacturing, chemical industry, machinery, waste materials, and computer and electronic products.
Rhode Island exporters have be richly endowed by nature of export infrastructure and services, including freight, air freight, port services and shipping.
Innovation and knowledge economic leader
Many hard-working Rhode Island company in business services, capital goods, financial services, health services, hospitality and tourism, science and technology and many other areas of focus are the market leaders. Rhode Island people innovative in many involved in cross-border areas, including marketing, marine industry, transportation, banking and investment, health care, tourism, life science, biotechnology, digital media, marketing, telecommunications, green enterprise solutions and software development.
Rhode Island, a series of industries to provide a large number of high quality products and services. Rhode Island and the surrounding area business endeavor to produce successful new products or services, to break through the stereotypes, the industry to a new height. Rhode Island is located in the northeast along the corridor between Boston, Massachusetts and New York City, is one of the most densely populated area American. This is a highly developed area, provides exciting opportunities for cooperation.
Rhode Island's nickname is "the ocean state", really be worthy of the name. Because of its unique shape and the sea location, Rhode Island has over 400 miles of beautiful coastline is American coastline of the total area of the largest proportion of the state.
Our state has many excellent beaches, water sports and a variety of other activities, including boating, fishing, sailing, and diving. There be too numerous to enumerate monuments to visit historic sites, some dating back to the early period of the founding of Britain in America before colonization.
Rhode Island to provide world-class accommodation, can adapt to a variety of tastes and budget. Rhode Island Restaurant gained world wide reputation, there are some USA best restaurant (Mei Wei)! We have a great museum, our award-winning theatre and the famous Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra performed a variety of art forms. Tourism has always been the key industry of the state of Rhode Island. Tourism operators are already ready to bring you the good times, and you are welcome to come again!
Rhode Island with its educational assets proud, with American most long and the most prestigious university.
Public schools, including the University of Rhode Island (URI), Rhode Island College (RIC), Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI). Private schools include the Brown University (Ivy League), Rhode Island School of design (RISD) - ranked first, American School of art and Design College in Providence (PC), Bryant University, Johnson Welsh.
Rhode Island University is a pioneer in promoting Chinese and American between learning and exchange. Rhode Island University and Bryant University and China cooperation set up Confucius school, promote the China language and cultural education.
Real estate
Rhode Island real estate variety, rich, the price is reasonable.
Rhode Island superior location: close to the sea and beautiful river; elegant historical buildings; a prosperous and beautiful Plo Weeden J Fold (second new England big city); and near Boston and New York and North England mountains. Rhode Island has the most spectacular America beautiful coastal property, many urban and rural property beautiful.
Financial services
As one of the oldest USA trade, business, manufacturing and financial center, Rhode Island offers numerous financial services. America bank's oldest still operating in Rhode island! So, whether you are looking for banking, asset management, financial planning, wealth management, or securities trading service, the Rhode Island Financial Services Company has the full capability, provide excellent service and professional skills for you.