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North Carolina has been ranked the #1 business climate in America by Site Selection Magazine in six of the past 7 years. The state is one of the top locations in America for foreign investment and is home to many prestigious international firms such as Lenovo.

International executives choose North Carolina for its many advantages including:

People: North Carolina has a large and growing skilled labor pool. The manufacturing workforce is the largest in the Southeastern U.S. and consistently ranks among the most productive in America. Its labor unionization rate is the lowest in the U.S. 52 colleges and universities, including several of America’s top research universities, produce an abundance of engineers, researchers, managers, and other professionals.

Location: North Carolina is centrally located among the population centers of the east coast. It has excellent transportation infrastructure including quality roads, deep water ports, international airports, and railroads, making the state is a top location for warehousing & distribution, manufacturing, and headquarter operations. The mild southern climate results in few weather-related disruptions to business.

Supportive government: North Carolina offers a business-friendly legal and regulatory environment, low taxes, streamlined permitting, quality infrastructure, and investment incentives such as cash grants, tax credits, and customized worker training paid for by state government. 

Major Exports & Promotion Items 
In North Carolina, you can find people with many skills and talents fueling the growth of knowledge-driven industries including:
  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Information Technology
  4. Telecommunications
  5. Automotive & Heavy Equipment
  6. Banking & Finance
  7. Chemicals & Plastics
  8. Textiles & Home furnishings