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With the nickname of “Evergreen State”, Washington State lies in the upper northwest corner of the contiguous and covers 66,582 sq miles. Sister Relationship with China include: Washington State and Sichuan Province, Seattle and Chongqing, Spokane and Jilin, Tacoma and Fuzhou, Kent and Yangzhou, Port of Seattle and Port of Shanghai, Port of Tacoma and Port of Tianjin, Port of Olympia and Port of Yantai. Known as “Emerald City”, Seattle is one of the most livable cities in the U.S. With various terrains and wild climate, Washington State is the best choice for any in-door or out-door activities and sports, such as baseball, basketball, mountain climbing, sailing, skiing, diving, golf and etc.

Major Exports & Promotion Items 
Washington State is equidistant between European and Asian markets and 30 hours closer to Asian markets by ship than other West Coast ports. In 2004, Washington State ranked 5th in US state exports, behind Texas, California, New York and Michigan and 1st among all US states in the per-capita value of exports. Washington State is the state that relies on the trade most in the U.S. Since 1995, China has been the 3rd trade partner of WA (behind Japan and Canada). The key industries in Washington State are Aerospace, Biotechnology, Building Material and Wood Product, Education, Electronics and Computer, Energy and Environment, Marine Services, Software, Telecom, and Tourism. Washington State is also home to many world famous MNCs, like Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, Weyerhaeuser, Amazon.com, and Paccar. Washington State is number one in new company creation, second in new job creation among new businesses (5 years or younger), eighth in the nation for its innovation capacity, and leads the nation in the use of renewable energy resources. More than 40 public- and private-owned four-year universities and colleges, two-year community colleges, vocational & technical training schools, research and English training institutes are located in Washington, which provides various choices for students who are planning to study in the United States. 

Washington State has the fifth friendliest business environment and ranks among the top ten states in terms of best business tax environment. It has unique commercial environment and tax policy, which are favorable for companies who want to invest in WA. Those favorable tax policies are corporation tax exemption, individual income tax exemption, storage tax exemption, integration tax and interest exemption, and capital and stock value-added tax exemption.