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Cole Group invested $218000000 in Lancaster County, South Carolina, is expected to bring 501 new jobs

Record into time: 2014/6/18

This will be the first manufacturing plant China textile enterprises established in American

Columbia South Carolina -- in December 10, 2013, China textile business Cole group chose Lancaster County, South Carolina opened its first overseas factory. A $218000000 investment in the company, is expected to create 501 new jobs in the next five years.

"In the course of study in the US, South Carolina quickly rose to first place in our candidate list," Cole Group Chairman Mr. Zhu Shanqing said. "We chose to build the first of our factory in American in South Carolina, has many causes, including South Carolina, outstanding talent in the labor, convenient near cotton main origin and the port. We look forward to working with the South Carolina and local community successfully establish a good partnership, our factory will be completed next year and start running. "

The Cole group will be the first in Lancaster County Indian Land to build and operate an area up to 230000 square feet (about 21368 square meters) spinning factory. Companies use the South Carolina is located in the central position of USA cotton producing areas, production of industrial yarn. Cole group hope can in 2014 2 early start.

"Cole group for our state's commitment, once again proved effectively in South Carolina dear business environment, outstanding ability and sufficient labor resources," South Carolina Governor Nick Haley said ms.. "We warmly welcome Cole group settled in the south, 501 new jobs and bring $218000000 in investment and create as Lancaster County for South carolina."

According to IBM global positioning trend report shows, South Carolina employment services for overseas multinational companies America highest state forefront, especially China enterprises has become an indispensable part and growing business in the south. From 2011 to 2013, China in South Carolina to attract foreign investment ranked fourth, behind Germany, Japan and france. In 2012, the South Carolina is of the export record year, the export value of $25300000000, Chinese exporting countries ranked third in the state of South carolina.

"South Carolina has long been in American manufacturing sector and attract foreign direct investment has been a backbone business department director Bobby Hitt," said mr.. "Now, employing more than 100000 employees the Foreign capital company in South Carolina, footprints all over the South carolina. Provides opportunities from Chinese investment for the South Carolina can continue to maintain the trend of growth. "

South Carolina superior logistics capacity and geographical location is one of the important reasons for the investment choice of Cole group in South Carolina, yarn Cole Group South factory production will be through the port of Charleston to China.

"South Carolina port office is pleased to have passed through Charleston harbour 8 direct transportation Chinese cargo routes to meet the demand for exports of Cole group," director of South Carolina Harbor Bureau and chief executive Jim Newsom said mr.. "In the southeast area America, especially in South Carolina, continue to see the manufacturing industry to promote the export volume growth, but investment in major Cole group indicates that it will soon become one of the largest exporters of South carolina."

Cole Group Chairman Mr. Zhu Shanqing added, South Carolina State Representative in the government China plays a key role in introducing the process Chinese enterprises in South carolina.

"Through the South Carolina government China chief representative Mr. Lin Xinwei (John Ling), so that we understand the South Carolina outstanding ability and good investment environment, to make this project a reality."

The Cole group is expected to begin in the second half of 2014 the recruitment work, and actively cooperate with ReadySC, to enjoy the South Carolina government through its is some 16 South Carolina College offers free training and staff development plan.

"Cole group project is a single industrial investment in Lancaster County history the biggest, the investment to create more than 500 textile related jobs will be a much needed boost to the local economy," Lancaster County Council Chairman Mr. Larry McCullough say. "For 100 years, Lancaster County has been a leader in the textile industry, now with the addition of Cole group in the new factory here is be a tiger with wings added, we believe that we can continue to re industry leading position in future decades. We are very excited, also very honored Cole group America factories can become the Lancaster County new partners".

"We are honored and very excited, can get this opportunity and Cole group cooperation, and the huge investment of textile projects bring Lancaster County," Mr. Keith Tanel said President Lancaster County Economic Development Corporation. "And Cole Group Chairman Mr. Zhu and his management team cooperation is very happy, they will become our good corporate citizen. This is in recent decades, American textile industry one of the biggest "the shift", we are glad to have the opportunity to become partners with the company. We look forward to a long and prosperous and stable relations, we welcome Cole group in Lancaster County American South Carolina settled down roots. "

Infrastructure construction and Economic Development Coordinating Council of South Carolina for this project was approved by the tax preferential policy and grant of $4000000 to fund the project.

Since 2011 January, South Carolina has raised more than $10000000000 to attract investment, create more than 28000 jobs in the manufacturing field.

On the South Carolina Department of Commerce

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